Use Of Natural Stone In New Construction

Why is it necessary to have a professional inspection before using natural stone in new construction?

An architect and a construction contractor are required to design your dream home or commercial space. They assist you in designing, planning, and implementing your vision by recommending and planning the use of various natural stones based on the aesthetics of the location. There is also a wealth of information on natural stone on the internet that will answer all of your questions.  HOWEVER, deciding on the type of stone to use and installing it would necessitate the recommendation and advice of a professional stone expert. 

There are many different natural stones, such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, and sandstone, and each of these has its own sub-set or sub-type. Each of these stones has distinct physical and chemical properties. The material behaviour of natural stones is difficult to predict, and knowing how and where to use them optimally is the domain of a stone expert. 

It is important to consider a professional’s knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to advice on various aspects such as stone type, appropriate stone for the required performance and appearance, hardness, and durability.

Prior to beginning work, the specific use and installation should be determined. It is also critical to understand the stone’s maintenance requirements and routine in order to keep its original shine and protect it from everyday wear and tear.

Will hiring a Stone Expert increase the price of your project?

Yes! But the money will be well spent because it will prevent you from making costly mistakes that will cost both money and time in the future. Architects also rely on the technical expertise of stone professionals to select appropriate materials for their projects and to ensure that the stone is properly installed and polished.  

So before you make any final decisions contact a stone expert to inspect the construction site and answer any questions you have about natural stone.