Always Striving For Perfection...

We bring together quality workmanship and superior knowledge to provide you with a service unmatched in the industry. We have the experience, skill, and resources to undertake and deliver comprehensive restoration projects. Our technicians work with extreme precision and careful workmanship to ensure that nothing is damaged in the process.


At A+ Touchstone Services, we have consultants who are fully committed to providing expert, practical and in-depth analysis of each stone restoration project. We understand that your natural stone surface is an investment and we also know that your expectations and requirements are unique. Therefore, our natural stone restoration services are always customized.

  • Site audit to investigate the current status of the stone surface and the reasons for its failure
  • Post and pre-stone installation advice on sealant application as per the site condition
  • Advice on the restoration process.
  • Developing a maintenance schedule according to the traffic movement/density
  • Advice on the cleaning re-agents
  • Development of site-specific checklists

We Provide Different Restoration Services


A natural stone restoration technique in which the surface is sanded to remove a few microns of the top layer of the stone surface using diamond pads. This procedure reveals a new layer and the stone’s natural pattern.

Treatment Of Hollow Surfaces

In the initial phase, the structural damage to the stone will be treated with an application of epoxy. Here the resin and hardener are mixed as per the pre-determined ratio resulting in a chemical reaction between these two liquids to produce a thick paste i.e. epoxy). We use Polyester Clear Cast Resin manufactured by Orson Resins & Coatings Pvt. Ltd. and Mekp Hardener from Amber Chemicals for this process. Injection ports are vertically drilled on the marble surface and the epoxy paste is injected into it. Once the epoxy becomes hard, the drilled ports are removed and filled with fillers. Maximum care is taken to match the colour of the stone, though there might be some variation due to the nature of the stone

Repair and filling of cracks, pits, and joints

All existing cracks, pits, and open joints are repaired with appropriate hardeners. The colour is carefully matched to blend in with that of the natural stone.

Sealer Application

This process significantly reduces the porosity of the stone and, in turn, protects the surface from spillages and various environmental factors.

Stone Enhancer

  • Penetration sealing: It is a no-sheen, wet-look water-based impregnation sealing process for all porous natural stones. It enhances and highlights the natural stone’s characteristics while revitalizing it from a faded or weathered condition.


Honing effectively removes micro-scratches from the marble stone surface. The important feature of this process is that it results in a non-reflective surface. Since the surface does not reflect light, it seems more natural.


  • Sand-blasted or uneven stones are restored using the River-wash technique, which yields a non-reflective, slightly textured but smooth surface.
  • To bring out the stone’s inherent beauty and colour, neutral compounds and abrasives are used to smooth the rough surface. However, the stone retains its slip-resistant properties.

Stain Removal

  • Stain removers are ideal for eliminating stains that are set deep into your stone such as wine, coffee, tea, smoke and oil.
  • Stain remover may be used on polished or unpolished surfaces without the fear of discolouration or etching.
  • It is appropriate for interior and exterior use and will not harm the adhesives or grouting material.

Annual Maintenance

We, at A+ Touchstone Services, not only restore natural stones but also believe that their regular maintenance will eliminate the need to frequently repair them, eventually enhancing their life.

  • Our yearly maintenance contract is carefully put together:
  • To maintain natural stone floors in good condition, considering the unique needs of the property.
  • To avoid extensive repair work by ensuring that the cracks, pits, and open joints are repaired immediately.
  • Advice on the restoration process.
  • To remove micro-scratches and preserve the stone’s natural luster.
  • To eliminate the need for frequent grinding.